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A drip screw that saves water and reduces weeds?

We've got that!

The KDRIP-IT screw is designed to water the plant where it needs it most – at the roots – to maximize plant growth and minimize weeds.

By concentrating the area of irrigation at the roots about 3 inches under the soil, gardeners save 30-40% of the water that would otherwise be wasted on the surface area of the soil, watering other unwanted weeds.

The 9.5" long KDRIP-IT screw contains a small compression tube that can hold water and liquid fertilizer, so plants and trees get everything they need to thrive.

This patented tool can also revive plants that are wilting or sick due to the water and fertilizer being fed directly to the plant roots! It's like an IV for your plants!

Just Stake-IT, DRIP-IT, Water-IT, Feed-IT, and Grow-IT!


• 9.5" Length

• 3" Top No Water Zone

• 6" Water/Feed Zone

• Hex head top for easy install / Removal

• Use hand or wrench(S/8 Hex for socket)

• Constructed of ABS plastic for durability

• Reduce erosion and run-off

• From 2-7 Gallons Per Hour

• Elbow Connector and T Adapter




How many inches down does the Kdrip-IT go?

Our Kdrip-IT screws are 9.5" long.

How far down does the screw start watering the plant?

Our first water holes are at 3" from the top soil.

How much water is saved by using Kdrip-IT?

Gardeners can save 30-40% of water that is normally wasted on the top soil!

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