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What's Your K-IT?

Everyone's story has a dash.

The K-IT story begins like so many other small but mighty businesses. At home. Anyone who does their own lawn care and sprinkler upkeep knows what a hassle it can be. Kody Ketterling sought a better and cleaner way to accomplish tasks like raising sprinklers without uprooting lines, watering at the root instead of losing valuable water to the topsoil, and so many other things that plague a grower's mind.

The K-IT lineup includes several patented products all designed to do one thing: Give you your time back. And that's the meaning of the dash.

Kody was inspired by the story of the Dash long ago and uses the K-IT products and story to help share it's powerful message.

If you haven't read the poem by Linda Ellis, or heard the story, it is well worth the read. In our lives, only two dates are certain. Our birthdate and our death date. Our tombstones show the dash between the two, and that is our lives. That brief line represents our entire lives.

So ask yourself, what do you want for people to remember you? What one thing can you add to your dash that can make life a little better for yourself and for others? What can you do to bring out the dash in others?

For the K-IT Founder, those are the questions he ponders when thinking about ways to simplify something in other people's worlds.

"K-IT is a catalyst for me to teach other people the K-IT philosophy," he says. "But it's not about me. It's about you."

Like the dash, K-IT is about growing what we are, who we are, and how we can not only see the positives around us, but leave positives around us, Kody says.

K-IT is all about simplifying your life and giving you back your time. Spending your time creating memories and looking at your dash.

"We all have one," Kody says. "What's yours?"

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