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K-Lift Installation

What is it?

This is the first product that allows the rotor (sprinkler that pop up and moves/rotates) to be raised from the top. Leave the shovel in the truck, it is no longer needed. Klift-it improves labor efficiencies for contractors, makes the process easy and understandable for homeowners, and creates a new revenue stream for distributors. No digging, no dirt induction into the system, increased distribution uniformity, increased filtration. Easy, more cost effective, and a better way to raise a rotor head/sprinkler.

For the first time ever, you can raise a rotor/sprinkler from the top of the head without digging. The Klift-it allows you to raise a head above the grass without digging which saves time, makes the process easy, and increases sprinkler performance, which means no more brown spots.

How does Klift-it improve efficiency?

By raising the rotor/sprinkler above the grass blades you no longer have water stream impairment which creates dry brown spots in the grass. Getting the water stream from the sprinkler above the grass increases distribution uniformity (even coverage of water, like natural rainfall) and increases the throw distance of the sprinkler which equates to more efficient use of water and lower run times. Additional Klift-it risers can be added (stacked) together if additional height is needed.

How do I use Klifit-it?

The traditional method to raise a rotor was as follows:

The new way to raise a head with Klift-it is as follows:

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