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Add Kap-It+ Risers to your shrub adaptors and pop-ups for optimum water efficiency. Sprinklers operating at optimal pressure last longer and more importantly, help to save water. Not only does your system benefit from adding Kap-It+ Risers, but so does your lawn and shrubbery as Kap-It+ helps eliminate misting and fogging caused by excessively high water pressure.

By adding 40 psi pressure regulation Kap-It+ Riser to shrub adaptors and pop-ups, Kap-It+ will maintain 40 psi on fixed spray nozzles up to 4 GPM (gallons per minute) with inlets greater than 50 psi.

Kap-It+ Riser Installation Steps

  1. Find sprinkler or shrub adapter
  2. Lift riser, unscrew nozzle, and take out filter
  3. Remove filter from nozzle if attached
  4. Add rubber gasket to filter
  5. Drop filter in shrub adapter or sprinkler nozzle
  6. Twist on Kap-It+ Riser clockwise
  7. Put on nozzle
  8. Turn the riser clockwise to align
  9. Adjust nozzle and test

The life expectancy of the Kap-It+ Riser is equal to the head it is being attached to. Kap-It+ Riser is made to withstand the day-to-day wear and tear, because there is no changing of the original head structure or working, there is minimal possibility of failure. Kap-It+ Riser has a one year warranty against manufacturer defects.

** Need to raise a sprinkler pop-up in your lawn? We recommend the Kap-It+ packs that include the Kap to protect the riser from mowers, weed whippers and everyday yard traffic.

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