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Need to raise a sprinkler head?

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The Kap-It + includes all the best parts and functionality of the original Kap-It. The Kap-It+ includes some of these features.

  • 2" stem vs. the 1.5" stem
  • Nozzle guard protection with drain
  • Can be stacked on top of the original Kap-It and vice versa.
  • Pressure regulated in the 2" stem
  • Pressure Regulated at 40 PSI
  • The 40 lbs. in the riser will maintain
  • Example (40 psi on all fixed spray nozzles up to 4 GPM. With an inlet greater than 50 PSI)
  • Most nozzles on the market work in Kap-It +
  • Rubber gasket is included to put on the filter as it will be placed below the riser.
  • Can use the pressure regulated stem on a shrub adapter in flower and bush beds, islands, mulch (bark, rock) etc.

The Kap-It+ includes a regulator built into the 2" stem, so that you can more effectively water your lawn or bed areas. With the Kap-It + you are able to maximize water pressure to 40 PSI across all heads. This balances out the distribution of the water and makes the flow the same throughout your sprinklers in a given zone.

The pressure regulator in the Kap-It + will also make any sprinklers compliant with the laws that require pressure regulation, so you don't have to replace your whole head in order to meet state requirements. Several states require that any sprinklers that are installed or need to be upgraded or worked on must have pressure regulation. With the Kap-It + you now can add to an existing sprinkler to make the sprinkler have pressure regulation. You can do this in the flower beds or anywhere you use shrub adapters.

Kap-It + has a nozzle guard on top of the sprinkler to protect the nozzles that are becoming more and more expensive over time. The nozzle guard allows for the nozzle to sit down into the sprinkler and be protected. There is slot on the side of the Kap so that you can get a small flat screw driver on top to lift the nozzle and acts as a drain for water as the system turns on and off.

The Kap-It+ will be sold in 2 packs and 10 packs.

The Kap-It + Riser will be sold separately as a 5 pack.

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