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Kt-It Wire Connector (Just connect it!)

The K-It wire connector, wire splice will be the first wire connector of its kind. Powered by Melni’s Western

Splice Technology, the K-It Wire Connector takes one-two wires per side and twists them together around a conductive axis creating a solid connection between the wires. The housing is filled with dielectric grease to maintain a waterproof environment for the connection to avoid corrosion in wet or damp locations.

There is currently no easier, faster or more efficient way to connect wires in the landscaping industry. As easy to twist as a candy wrapper, the K-It Wire Connector does not need tools for a connector. K-It Wire Connectors can be wire to wire, braided to copper, or braided to braided. can be used for wire gauges 18 – 22 AWG.

Wire Connector image